Rose Petal Heart

$50.00 $45.00

This valentines day, share a gift of positive feng shui and aromatic attraction with our rose petal heart terrarium. Each glass heart comes with an air plant, rose petal potpourri and red velvet ribbon.

In aromatherapy smell, emotion and memory are all linked ~ not only do certain scents affect how we feel emotionally, but our energy level as well. In feng shui scent also relates to the flow of chi ~ pleasant aromas bring in a healthy flow of chi.

  • Rose petals are good for attracting love, psychic abilities, healing, love divination, luck, and protection.
  • The rose symbolizes innocence, love, passion, sympathy, desire, luxury and the ideal aesthetic.
  • The fragrance of rose invites positive chi that is comforting, inspiring emotional calm and stability without sedative effects and strengthens inner being.